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Pony Apocalypse...?

Comic #102

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Author's Comment

Never trust a pony.

Uploaded by morgane at 01:27 on 06 Febuary 2013


Gravatar Posted at 21:55
Sat 09 Feb 2013
by 48north

I'm impressed by your quest for a bronze medal. Although there is a show venue nearby, it requires a ferry trip to get there, which is almost $200 just to get there and back. That makes for a very expensive show. Since I'm not striving for points or awards, I'll probably focus on schooling shows at the same venue. It's still $200 to get there, but the rest of the show fees are less. I'm hoping to take my young Lusitano mare to her first show this spring, and planning upon doing T3 with her. I was all ready last fall, but a wind storm made a ferry ride out of the question for her, since she'd never been on the ferry before. My fingers are crossed for this spring.

Does "Wetlady" have a nick name? If you'd like to tell me about her, feel free to write me via my e-ddress. I'm assuming that you can get it off my comment, but if not, tell me here and I'll get it to you.


Posted at 00:13
Sat 09 Feb 2013
by morgane

Megan, you're quite welcome, I'm glad it worked! :) I will tell Louis there is someone crazy enough to take part in both planes and horses; he will be amused (and impressed with that whole flying in Alaska thing).

I have rehomed Flirt, though it went a bit awry. :( The lady who took him said he was for her but less than 4 months later she had him listed for sale as a sound, AA type horse and was asking $30K+ for him. Sigh. I found out later she's a horse flipper. Sometimes people just suck.

I do need to update my info, huh? Especially the about me page here, it's way old. I'm currently one 3rd level score from my bronze and if I can hold my crap together for the show in April I may get it then with a mare I'm leasing (Weltlady, or as the announcer likes to say it "Wetlady"). We shall see though.

In any event, thanks for the comment.


Gravatar Posted at 16:43
Thu 07 Feb 2013
by 48north

Thanks for the avatar help. BTW, my name is Megan Rust if you haven't seen it on HN. Tell The Fiancé that you know someone,me, that is not only a horsewoman but also an ATP pilot who worked as a commercial pilot in Alaska.

Since I haven't seen Flirt in any comics on HN recently, have you re-homing her? Is your pony actually a QH? The recent picture of him on HN shows him attentive with good impulsion, which indicates that there is no reason why a QH can't do dressage. Good luck on your quest for a bronze medal. But your info page seems to be from 2012, maybe you have your bronze metal by now. :D

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