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Just a heads up...

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You should also probably plan to be home from the barn before dark that night too; I find that The Fiance gets grumpy if I'm more than 3 hours late for our dinner plans.

Uploaded by morgane at 02:02 on 13 Febuary 2013


Gravatar Posted at 23:39
Fri 12 Apr 2013
by Tina Mann

My husband learned that us Horsey people operate with whole different definition and sense of "time" and our watches and cell phone alarms can't change it. Microwaves, have saved the day, aka night, as well as the take out menu at our local Outback restaurant.

Gravatar Posted at 00:44
Sat 16 Feb 2013
by Lisa

The Fiance?! Congrats!

Gravatar Posted at 18:03
Fri 15 Feb 2013
by Lauren

Thankfully, my Boyfriend has zero concept of time and is late for everything.

Our valentines date consisted of burritos and beer. It was great.

Gravatar Posted at 17:16
Fri 15 Feb 2013
by Shirley Broady

Oh I can so relate!! Going out in the evening sounds great......right up until you find you have to drag yourself away from the barn to get home on time....and you resent it.....but in a good way. LOL

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