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She'll grow out of it they said...

Comic #115

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I guess I just never grew out of my 'obsessed with horses phase.' I still go on vacation and have the overwhelming urge to go see any and all horses we may stumble upon. The Fiance just shakes his head, but I feel like most of you probably understand....right? anyone else still eight at heart and in drawn to meeting every horse you happen upon?

Uploaded by morgane at 03:20 on 08 May 2013


Gravatar Posted at 01:52
Sun 12 Jun 2016
by Weezie

Would have loved to have seen the ghost of the rider and her horse, both young and beautiful and together forever! Lost my first horse at age 35. We were together for 30 years. One week later, a rainbow appeared over her grave and I saw her out in the field with my other horses. Incredible but true. The best part of my day is the time I spend with my horses...and after over 50 years with them, I am just as excited cleaning the barn as riding the trails.

Gravatar Posted at 23:11
Fri 18 Mar 2016
by Ron

You know... For Spain, there's the Feria Sevilla in the spring (May?) and Portugal has a wonderful festival in the fall called Feria Do Cavalo Golega in the town of Golega... Look on YouTube.

Gravatar Posted at 19:02
Tue 20 Oct 2015
by Gette

I think some of us are just born with a love of horses in our blood. We will never outgrow that, and we'll take it to our graves.

Gravatar Posted at 10:12
Tue 31 Mar 2015
by Lynda

Yup thats me.....mama used to say "when u discover boys you'll forget horses" ...well....i discovered boys alright ....horses are

Gravatar Posted at 16:47
Thu 26 Mar 2015
by connie warner

Love this!!! Can I get this on a T-shirt???

Gravatar Posted at 08:56
Sat 29 Nov 2014
by Susanne

Well at 71 I am training 3 grand. Prix show jumpers been
Jumping 6 ft walls for 60 years ---train better now but got
Mad and challenged a young cowboy to a duel --posting without stirrups won that easy ?? Maybe balance and timing
Gave me the advantage ?? Love horses why quit !

Posted at 18:23
Mon 06 Oct 2014
by elissadallimore

Aw one of my favorite of your comics!

Gravatar Posted at 00:13
Mon 21 Apr 2014
by Leslie Sexton

I love this. I'm almost 60, a little less agile and a little more bent, but I still haul my self up into the saddle and have a nice ride once in a while, at least until the legs give out. Got to share this one with my horse buds. I love your toons, they are wonderful!

Gravatar Posted at 12:59
Fri 10 May 2013
by Brandy

Yep. They may go away for a short time, but they always come back. God bless my husband, who is still relatively new to it and is only beginning to understand the level of obsession. However, we both insisted my mare be in our wedding...and she was. Our Friday night will be spent building a barn for "our child". :D

Gravatar Posted at 14:27
Wed 08 May 2013
by chase

I take pictures of everything horse related I see on trips. You should see how many pictures of horse/unicorn statues/art i have from my trip to europe. Of the over 4000 photos i took, at least 10 or 15 percent must have some horse related thing in them.

Gravatar Posted at 11:04
Wed 08 May 2013
by Kathe

I haven't overcome the age 2 phase!!! imagen the rest...hahaha I have to be kicked out of the barn. I hardly take days off because that means not being at the barn. I go sightseeing, and suddenly horses bump into my way... that's it!!! you should see my photos, there is always a horse... there is a earthly magnet between horses and me.

Gravatar Posted at 10:19
Wed 08 May 2013
by Meagan

Every time. Never enough horses or horse time.

Gravatar Posted at 06:55
Wed 08 May 2013
by Hannah


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