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Spring showers indeed.

Comic #116

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Author's Comment

Caption Contest Time! Submit your best caption for this comic on The Idea of Order Facebook page then vote for the ones you like best by 'liking' them. The caption with the most 'likes' by next Sunday night will win and receive a hand drawn comic of one of their critters. I know you all want that. ;) (ok, maybe not, but I still want to read what you all come up with!)

Uploaded by morgane at 02:42 on 15 May 2013


Gravatar Posted at 15:26
Thu 16 May 2013
by AJ

"You said not to let you catch me rolling, so I'm taking up swimming instead."

Posted at 22:25
Wed 15 May 2013
by morgane

These are awesome! I went ahead and transferred them to the FB site as well so they can be voted on. :)

Gravatar Posted at 20:38
Wed 15 May 2013
by T

Water aerobics!

Gravatar Posted at 20:34
Wed 15 May 2013
by Tina Mann

If this dressage thing doesnt work out maybe we could do Synchronized Swimming

Gravatar Posted at 11:41
Wed 15 May 2013
by Autumn

Um, ribbit?

Gravatar Posted at 11:21
Wed 15 May 2013
by Brandy

I couldn't choose just one. I'm not on FB, so posting them here instead:

“What? I’m working on my diver certification!”


“Mud baths are good for the troubled soul. Don’t you want my soul to be untroubled?”


“The barn cat told me I could find China down here and I’ve discovered I like egg rolls.”

Gravatar Posted at 11:17
Wed 15 May 2013
by Sandi Kuehl

Can I have a snorkel for Christmas?

Gravatar Posted at 09:50
Wed 15 May 2013
by Bree

What?? I'm workin' on my fluid movement!

Gravatar Posted at 09:15
Wed 15 May 2013
by Donna

Crap, your still here... work time

Gravatar Posted at 08:16
Wed 15 May 2013
by Alli

How long was I holding my breath!?

Gravatar Posted at 07:17
Wed 15 May 2013
by Terri

D'oh! You found out my secret hiding place!

Gravatar Posted at 05:58
Wed 15 May 2013
by judi

Just thought taking my own bath would speed show prep along...

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