The Idea of Order

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Ah the Subjectivity of life...

Comic #122

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Author's Comment

Being a creator of weird art myself I suppose I have to concede that he has a point. I don't, however, have to like his 'art.'

For those of you that compete with white horses, you have my utmost sympathy.

Uploaded by morgane at 00:53 on 26 June 2013


Gravatar Posted at 16:37
Mon 08 Jul 2013
by JASecond

OMG I know this horse, I have to groom him back to sparkling grey everyday. I swear he uses warm poo for a fluffy pillow at night!

Gravatar Posted at 10:53
Wed 03 Jul 2013
by T.J. Hurst

This is my first time to visit this site - wonderful! LOVE the illustrations, and the advice from ICEE. I will be back - TJ Hurst

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