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And yet another Caption Contest...

Comic #133

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Author's Comment

Time for another Caption Contest! Submit your best caption for this comic on The Idea of Order Facebook page then vote for the ones you like best by 'liking' them. The caption with the most 'likes' by next Sunday night will win and receive a hand drawn comic signed by Woody himself. (EVERY equestrian needs that!;) )

Uploaded by morgane at 01:05 on 18 September 2013


Gravatar Posted at 04:15
Thu 26 Sep 2013
by Meghann

Oops! Just saw this already ended!

Gravatar Posted at 04:14
Thu 26 Sep 2013
by Meghann

You did say you wanted a kick-ass pony.

Gravatar Posted at 19:47
Mon 23 Sep 2013
by JJC

Pint Size (PS) Stamp of Approval

Gravatar Posted at 11:45
Sun 22 Sep 2013
by Tammy

It wasn't me! The dog did it!

Gravatar Posted at 03:15
Sat 21 Sep 2013
by Marynora "fitz" Westland

Ok mom you said if I rode him you would too! So now it's your turn to ride him. You promised!!!!

Gravatar Posted at 21:23
Wed 18 Sep 2013
by Sally T. Smith

You wanted designer Jeans. Right?

Gravatar Posted at 14:32
Wed 18 Sep 2013
by Lahle Wolfe

My butt has a brand I just thought hers needed one too.

Gravatar Posted at 12:28
Wed 18 Sep 2013
by Jenny

No, tjose are NOT my hoofprints on her butt!

Gravatar Posted at 11:12
Wed 18 Sep 2013
by Kimberly

Maybe next time she will SHARE the apples.

Gravatar Posted at 08:46
Wed 18 Sep 2013
by B.

Pony: Where you went wrong was in referring to me as "fun-sized".

Gravatar Posted at 05:46
Wed 18 Sep 2013
by Deborah Goldby

What you expected me to see those fingers?

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