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Have you ever noticed how things never turn out like the picture? This holds true for things you cook, assemble, or find on Pinterest. Just give it up now; acceptance is key.

Of course my less than stellar clip job is probably more a reflection of my laziness and less of my inability to wield clippers. Every year I swear I will wash the pony, wait for him to dry, coat him in show sheen, and then clip correctly and EVERY year I randomly get fed up with his hair and opt to clip it RIGHT then (sans bath or any other worthwhile prep). The results are about what you'd expect: cold, angry pony with random tufts of fuzz and clipper tracks. Ah well, there's always next time...

Uploaded by morgane at 01:29 on 23 October 2013


Gravatar Posted at 11:55
Thu 24 Oct 2013
by Sierra

Each year I do it the wrong way also. This year going to try something new, keeping my boy under a light at night (just a regular light bulb no heat lamp) to see if we can keep a nice coat this year without clipping. A friend does this and her mare has a summer looking coat year round!

Gravatar Posted at 10:36
Wed 23 Oct 2013
by Mia

I follow your method. I love dull clipper blades!

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