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Comic #144

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Author's Comment

Just in time for the Holidays, it's another caption contest! Except this time rather than one of my random doodles the winner gets something really awesome! The owner of Higher Standards Leather Care has generously donated a special edition saddle soap AND leather balm to be given to this week's winner (see the prize here:! I cannot stress enough how super this soap is; if it wouldn't be super sketchy *I'd* enter this contest myself to win it. ;)

In order to enter the contest you simply have to leave your caption for this week's comic on The Idea of Order Facebook Page AND LIKE the Higher Standards Leather Care Page: The Caption with the most likes by Sunday Night will be the winner (so share this with your friends!). Simple, huh? Just remember to leave your comment on the Idea of Order Facebook Page (preferably under my post for this comic so people see it) and NOT here on this page OR the Horse Nation Page as people won't be able to 'like' (and thus vote) on those pages.

Uploaded by morgane at 01:16 on 04 December 2013


Gravatar Posted at 00:58
Tue 17 Dec 2013
by Dionne

Your* my bad

Gravatar Posted at 00:58
Tue 17 Dec 2013
by Dionne

"So that explains you're suddenly-delightful breath..."

Gravatar Posted at 23:21
Sun 08 Dec 2013
by Erin Cheever

Is that peppermint? I have some High Standards and so do you!

Gravatar Posted at 20:23
Sun 08 Dec 2013
by Kim

Peppermint! Yum!

Gravatar Posted at 17:41
Fri 06 Dec 2013
by Paula Brown

"Mint scented does NOT necessarily mean mint flavored!"

Gravatar Posted at 09:05
Fri 06 Dec 2013
by Katie

Mmmm, an excellent vintage. Mink oil, glycerine, and do I detect a note of peppermint?

Gravatar Posted at 13:02
Wed 04 Dec 2013
by katie

"Saddle Soap must get Woody's taste test approval. Higher Standards? Yup!"

Gravatar Posted at 08:11
Wed 04 Dec 2013
by CKurth

Higher Standards is the BEST!!

Gravatar Posted at 07:35
Wed 04 Dec 2013
by Skibumsca

Oh this is what makes all your tack taste SOO good!

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