The Idea of Order

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Don't we all?

Comic #148

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Author's Comment

Some days we just need someone to call us out on our shenanigans; of course rarely do we appreciate it at the time. ;)

Uploaded by morgane at 02:37 on 08 January 2014


Gravatar Posted at 16:06
Wed 15 Oct 2014
by Jersyes China

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Gravatar Posted at 12:35
Wed 08 Jan 2014
by Sunnie

My mom's horse takes the pasture gate off its hinges to do this. He HAS colicked. He's really Special.

Gravatar Posted at 11:49
Wed 08 Jan 2014
by Ashley

My first horse did this once - I opened the barn doors in the morning to feed to discover he had shimmied under his stall guard, opened the door of the tack room, and lifted the top off the feed bin to help himself! He was so adorably guilty looking I couldn't be mad, and miraculously he didn't colic!

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