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My Dad made sure my sisters and I had plenty of horses...

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It occurred to me today that I never really did that whole 'rebellious-teenager/party-until-I-can't-remember-it' spiel. I'm not particularly upset by this. It actually only solidifies my belief that horses are a great way to keep kids (and quasi-adults like myself) out of trouble (I mean who has TIME for any other sort of trouble when you have horse shenanigans?).

Uploaded by morgane at 01:20 on 15 January 2014


Gravatar Posted at 10:33
Mon 09 Mar 2015
by Tundrahorse

Ditto Amelia! Also skipped my farewell after-party, so I wouldn't be late or tired for the Pony Club the next morning. Although I *did* get some strange looks due to the bright blue nail polish :)

Gravatar Posted at 01:16
Thu 16 Jan 2014
by Amelia

I didn't even go to my graduation after-party, because I had an early start for a horse show the next morning :)

I'm 25 and still prefer the stables to the pub!

Gravatar Posted at 22:17
Wed 15 Jan 2014
by Tina Mann

AMEN! To That! My daughter didn't have time for it either.Thank God for Horses!

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