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Comic #175

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So as it turns out there are many strange horse themed items on the market these days. Occasionally a hapless friend, knowing how much my life revolves around horses but nothing about the details of such, will purchase one of these amusing items because it has a horse (and therefore I will LOVE it). I have to give them credit for trying (especially since giving someone anything at all is generous), though sometimes I have to wonder what they were thinking. ;) Anyone care to share the most bizarre horse themed item they've ever received?

Uploaded by morgane at 23:23 on 22 July 2014


Gravatar Posted at 09:06
Fri 17 Apr 2015
by fjorab

Horse toys that attempt to look realistic but have human/dragon/something eyes or pointy lips are my peculiar peeve. But something as obviously silly as My Little Ponies, I love them as much as I love Breyers.

But my favorite is a plush horse a dear friend got for me. She has teddy bear feet and no tail. My husband calls her the B'orse (bear-horse).

Gravatar Posted at 21:06
Sun 21 Dec 2014
by Kate

Oh gosh.... A year ago my aunt gave me a ORANGE with PINK mane "Walk your pet horse toy" and im like "Thank you?" (I Was like first of all way to old for it and it was creepy... like super creepy I put it in the attic.)

Gravatar Posted at 16:08
Fri 24 Oct 2014
by Eline

My father bought me a ridiculously expensive glass horse from Italy. It is purple with a golden tail and mane. It altso looks like it wants to die. But on the other hand I will look at it for the rest of my life and remember my father dearly as noe one else I know, or in my family, has such lousy taste.

Gravatar Posted at 00:53
Thu 24 Jul 2014
by Morgane Schmidt

Exactly, Emily! It's super nice that they're thinking of you, but sometimes the outcome is a little on the 'hmmm' side. lol

Gravatar Posted at 21:18
Wed 23 Jul 2014
by Emily

My family is always giving me horse puzzles. I hate puzzles but I always act excited for them because I appreciate that they thought of me and such. But now I have a million unopened horse puzzles....

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