The Idea of Order

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Philosophy of the Absurd indeed....

Comic #181

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Author's Comment

It. Just.Never.Ends.
If you're not up on your mythology this may not be such a great comic but I feel like any horse person can still understand the futility here. ;)

Uploaded by morgane at 00:39 on 10 September 2014


Gravatar Posted at 10:39
Fri 03 Oct 2014
by Nadia Guldfeldt

LOL as a licensed animal keeper (fancyer word for shoveler of horse poo) I've felt this struggle daily :-D Something I find myself pondering if they're waiting for me to muck their stall just so it feels better when they poop in it right after i finish xD

Gravatar Posted at 21:08
Wed 10 Sep 2014
by Meagan

The struggle is real... But I'd rather do it than trust some incompetent turd to do it. -insert rant about current, incompetent stall cleaner that I would very much like to remove- :D

Gravatar Posted at 08:20
Wed 10 Sep 2014
by Bree

My favorite is when they poop right as you are walking the just emptied wheelbarrow past their stall.

Gravatar Posted at 07:49
Wed 10 Sep 2014
by Ashley

As someone who works at a barn doing exactly this, I can confirm: the struggle is real.

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