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It's THAT Hard...

Comic #184

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Braiding is one of those gross tasks that isn't really that difficult in theory but in practice is actually just another form of masochism (ask my how I know). As I am one of those lucky souls who has braided enough to actually be good at it I thought I'd list some of the highlights (low lights?):

1. Pony manes.
2. Manes 2 feet long.
3. Yarn breaking.
4. Braids too loose--they fall out.
5. Braids too tight-- horse tries to kills you.
6. Braids too long (they look sloppy).
7. Braids too thick (they look sloppy).
8. Blunt cut manes (OMFG Kill me now).
9. Not having the right yarn type/color/length.
10. Horses who rub their braids ALL out.
11. Horses who will not stand still.
12. Broken latch hooks that get stuck going through the mane.
13. That person who tries to convince you that rubber band braids are acceptable. ;)
14. Running out of Quik braid.

Uploaded by morgane at 02:40 on 01 October 2014


Gravatar Posted at 05:47
Fri 10 Oct 2014
by clg

Once I learned how to do yarn braids, I never went back. Not that people can't do beautiful band-braids, but yarn braids work SO WONDERFULLY for me I can't imagine doing them elsewise. I have yet to convince the woman I exercise-ride for of this fact.
Tell you what, I found the "hunter's bump" braids to be MUCH easier with yarn!

Gravatar Posted at 16:59
Wed 01 Oct 2014
by Morgane Gabriel

Lol I know. Some people are fully capable of doing nice braids with bands (of course many others are I mostly just added that to harass a friend of mine who uses bands. :)

Gravatar Posted at 07:13
Wed 01 Oct 2014
by Meagan

I do rubber band braids... They look just as good as some of the yarn braids. To each his own ;]

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