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It's that time of year again....

Comic #185

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Author's Comment

We all know what doom IS COMING now that fall is here (Hint, it begins with a "W" and ends with me complaining a lot about freezing). So fortunate for us that in the meantime we have a slightly lesser doom to keep us occupied (some people call it "body clipping"). Body clipping is right up there with the plague for me in terms of enjoyment, so I usually must find ways to make it somewhat less akin to death and as a result I may have in fact done what the cartoon depicts (with varying results).

Anyone else been here? Anyone feeling creative enough to caption this cartoon? If so post your caption on my Facebook page and have your friends 'like' it. The caption with the most votes will win the original art for this cartoon. :)

Uploaded by morgane at 01:49 on 15 October 2014


Gravatar Posted at 19:20
Sat 08 Nov 2014
by Risky

Clip Art

Gravatar Posted at 11:30
Thu 16 Oct 2014
by Brittany Davis

Put that back. I need it!

Gravatar Posted at 11:38
Wed 15 Oct 2014
by Crisa Obregon

I promise, it won't snow too soon. However, this is FUN too right?!

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