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Author's Comment

The concept for this cartoon came up one night (over perhaps too much wine) among some fellow equestrians. Hopefully it's more amusing than just inappropriate. ;)

Uploaded by morgane at 02:39 on 03 December 2014


Gravatar Posted at 21:04
Sat 06 Dec 2014

POuah haaa ! Good one :-)

Gravatar Posted at 18:42
Wed 03 Dec 2014
by Jen W

It's funny :-D . Who cares about PC.

Gravatar Posted at 14:22
Wed 03 Dec 2014
by mcljess

I love this! Made my day!! HA.

Gravatar Posted at 09:11
Wed 03 Dec 2014
by Kate

Well.. I sort of do,

Gravatar Posted at 09:05
Wed 03 Dec 2014
by Kate

I get it x3

Gravatar Posted at 08:36
Wed 03 Dec 2014
by emme

Please don't be concerned about the Political Correctness Police. Let Common Sense prevail!

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