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No Pain, No Gain?

Comic #202

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Author's Comment

So perhaps my hunter friends don't have this problem since incredibly soft, comfortable boots are the trend in that discipline. BUT, my fellow DQs have likely experienced the hateful burn of breaking in 'stiff' dressage boots. For some reason the trend in dressage is for boots to be like stove pipes. *Are you waddling like a penguin? Are your legs sticking straight out while sitting on the horse? Have you successfully sloughed off all the skin on your ankles? AWESOME! Those MUST be super nice boots. ;)*

Uploaded by morgane at 18:24 on 24 Febuary 2015


Gravatar Posted at 10:11
Thu 26 Feb 2015
by Kate

Oh gosh, breaking in boots, the worst.

Gravatar Posted at 07:28
Wed 25 Feb 2015
by Ashley J

Nah you're not alone - our hunter/jumper tall boots may look and feel butter soft but they're still a bizatch to break in - I had nasty blisters on the underside of my knees for weeks! But my legs looked so pretty in those boots..... ;)

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