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Equine Truth #22

Comic #207

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Author's Comment

So this is a retread of a very early comic I did where I unfortunately left the text off the image. I think this one deserves another go around the internet...since it's so true and all. ;)

Uploaded by morgane at 02:05 on 01 April 2015


Gravatar Posted at 05:12
Sat 15 Aug 2015
by Lupabbia

...4 white socks. It seems a lot like Totilas for me. Am I wrong? ;)

Gravatar Posted at 17:32
Tue 05 May 2015
by AB

I know somebody like this ;) My horse is a little grey 14hh mare who is just beginning to be ridden, so I don't have this problem aha.

Gravatar Posted at 12:54
Tue 14 Apr 2015
by Ioana

I love all the comics,because I find me and my horse in every comic!!!♡

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