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Guest Comic: Boys Vs Girls...

Comic #216

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Author's Comment

Once again The Husband is here to highlight another way that horse people confuse him (and by horse people I mostly mean me). The Husband, being rather math minded, doesn't work well with my fuzzy logic and numbers regarding how many horses I actually OWN (as opposed to how many I may HAVE in my possession). I'm wearing him down slowly though.

Uploaded by morgane at 23:30 on 02 June 2015


Gravatar Posted at 08:56
Wed 03 Jun 2015
by 6Wolves1Spirit

A math person should totally be able to understand that the set of all horses on your property is actually the union of smaller sets, where the set of horses you OWN has precisely one element (according to the above illustration, at least). As a math major myself.... Just sayin'.

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