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Eating a little dirt never hurt anyone...

Comic #224

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Author's Comment

This is dedicated to all my 'normal' friends and The Husband, who remain totally grossed out by my tendency to devour a sandwich while my hands are covered in multiple layers of God-knows-what. It clearly hasn't killed me yet, so I'm thinking it's probably helping my immune system. ;)

Uploaded by morgane at 23:41 on 28 July 2015


Gravatar Posted at 18:54
Tue 15 Mar 2016
by Andrea

I am not allowed to do this any more my husband installed a sink in the barn after he saw me eating with God knows what on my hands and told me he will not let people bring food to the barn if I don't use it ;-p

Gravatar Posted at 22:05
Sat 01 Aug 2015
by Kate

I'm pretty sure every equestrian does... :D

Gravatar Posted at 11:21
Wed 29 Jul 2015
by Jenn

I do this. All the time.

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