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The Art of Communicating...

Comic #231

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Ah, if only our equine partners could understand language and possessed verbal skills. While I'm positive I'd rather not have to hear how measly their rations are or how they'd prefer not to work today thank-you-very-much, it would be nice if we could just explain to them verbally exactly what we're trying to get them to do. I'm sure it would clear up quite a bit for all of us involved. ;)

Uploaded by morgane at 01:47 on 16 September 2015


Gravatar Posted at 19:09
Wed 30 Sep 2015
by Yvonnekp

It would also be nice if they could tell us exactly where they're hurt. I can't even begin to count how many times "looks like hes lame in his hind end" has turned into check for abscesses, flexion test, hock injections, stifle injections, chiropractic adjustments... you name it.

Gravatar Posted at 14:14
Thu 17 Sep 2015
by Ron Smith

Kind of like the horses in the movie Avatar. They had a 'link' with the rider. Yet even then the lead character had trouble with them. Funny how much better he was with birds. Brings on thoughts of the term, "bird-brain". But I degress...

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