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PSA: How to Read Horse Sale Ads...

Comic #235

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Who hasn't has the *fun* of horse shopping and being shown horses that weren't quite what they'd seemed in their ad? It's almost as much fun as going on a blind date with someone billed as 6'2" with a wicked sense of humor and instead meeting a 5'7" wallflower who thinks horses are frightening (true story...). In any event, in an effort to avoid those sorts of scenarios I've compiled this handy little list to help you better translate what those ads are really saying. ;)

This is an update on an old comic (I *had* to fix it given the embarrassing number of typos and errors on the original) but I feel like the information is well worth re-sharing. ;)

Uploaded by morgane at 03:20 on 28 October 2015


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