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Comic #240

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Author's Comment

...that's what I tell myself anyways. ;) Anyone ever been here?

Uploaded by morgane at 01:12 on 09 December 2015


Gravatar Posted at 07:08
Thu 06 Apr 2017
by Hannah

my boy was literally diagnosed with sookyitus by a vet :-\

Gravatar Posted at 11:02
Wed 09 Dec 2015
by Beth

Every. Damn. Time. Sometimes I swear my OTTB fakes it just to toy with my emotions.

Gravatar Posted at 06:38
Wed 09 Dec 2015
by Ted

Yup.. and it ended up lyme. Chased lameness for weeks.. then got a blood test, and 20 minutes later had an answer. Then just 4 short weeks of 2x a day trying to figure out how to feed a large amount of nasty tasting doxy..

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