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Riding when it's 15 Degrees...

Comic #242

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Author's Comment

Also synonymous with "death wish." Seriously (my youngster is actively trying to kill me each ride* I'm silly enough to try). Just as seriously, I am entirely DONE with winter. Over it. The next person to tell me how beautiful the snow is is getting a shirt full of it.

Uploaded by morgane at 01:04 on 06 January 2016


Gravatar Posted at 02:08
Thu 07 Jan 2016
by Lydia

I'll swop you your 15 degrees for my 43 degrees centigrade today...

Gravatar Posted at 07:02
Wed 06 Jan 2016
by Nick

One cold and windy day my farrier described my mare as "very athletic today," almost like he didn't enjoy the free demonstration on how to levitate and spin in circles.

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