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Caption Contest Time!

Comic #243

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Author's Comment

Time for another Caption Contest! *insert groans here* ;) Post your caption in the comments section of EITHER The Idea of Order Facebook Page OR the comic post on Horse Nation's Facebook Page. Then get your friends to 'like' it. The caption with the most likes will win the WINNING Powerball ticket for $1 BILLION DOLLARS! Ok, kidding. You'll actually win something random and likely artistic (same, same--right?). The winner will be chosen next Monday. Get crackin'!

Uploaded by morgane at 01:58 on 13 January 2016


Gravatar Posted at 17:26
Mon 08 Feb 2016
by Joanna

"Don't even think about it."

Gravatar Posted at 21:54
Tue 19 Jan 2016
by Ashley Loeffelholz

"You licked it all didn't you..."

Gravatar Posted at 21:06
Tue 19 Jan 2016
by Jordyn

Big: I. Just. Want. One. Bite. *drools*
Little: NO! All for me! Stay away! *Hmph*

Gravatar Posted at 02:53
Tue 19 Jan 2016
by Kate

Small: Don't you even think about bringing that thing closer to me! I'd rather be hosed off thanks.
Big: It's your loss, not mine.

Gravatar Posted at 16:41
Thu 14 Jan 2016
by kristi smith

No hay for you!

Gravatar Posted at 12:48
Thu 14 Jan 2016
by Mjorik

Big: "Well it's not my fault you fell asleep in the round bale!"

Pony:"No, but it's totally your fault for trying to EAT MY TAIL!"

Big: "How was I supposed to know there was hair in the hay stack? I was too busy looking out for the needles the small predator is always losing in here."

Gravatar Posted at 23:19
Wed 13 Jan 2016
by Katie

"Let me just clean the dirt off"
"Their my spots"

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