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You've heard of 'Stir Crazy'...?

Comic #246

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Author's Comment

I think winter is actually making me legit crazy, or at least stupider. Maybe my brain is just have frozen or something. Whatever the case I cannot wait until spring.

Uploaded by morgane at 02:44 on 03 Febuary 2016


Gravatar Posted at 02:05
Wed 24 Feb 2016
by Morgane S Gabriel

Thank you both! It's so nice to hear that you enjoy my work! :)

Gravatar Posted at 14:35
Fri 05 Feb 2016
by Lena

I seriously love this blog. Its always cute and funny, never crude or in bad taste. I look forward to each week's cartoon!

Gravatar Posted at 05:45
Wed 03 Feb 2016
by SandyR

Nailed it! You helped start my day with a smile, thank you!

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