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The lousy part of spring...

Comic #260

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Author's Comment

Please tell me I'm not alone in thinking that most fly-spray is an expensive joke? I'm especially amused by the claim that it lasts multiple days. Seriously? In what world was that tested in?

Uploaded by morgane at 02:09 on 11 May 2016


Gravatar Posted at 06:07
Mon 16 May 2016
by studeclunker

Our flies here in the People's Republic of California must be real wussies compared to your eastern or mid-western bugs. Uh... maybe I should reconsider Kentucky. The Communists out here might be better. I mean, they suck blood too, but...

Gravatar Posted at 02:17
Fri 13 May 2016
by meandmyhorse

And the reality is that it lasts little over an hour! Too true.

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