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This is one of the most tragically boring classes to ever be invented (right up there with color classes, but at least those don't take so ungodly long). In theory, it should teach the young rider how to handle her horse and be disciplined. Ha. Right. Instead, all it taught me was that ex-race horses prefer to walk circles rather than stand still and that my younger sister was more interested in what she could see in our mare Silky's ear than what the judge was doing. Needless to say, once I got old enough to protest I managed to escape the horror of it all.

Uploaded by morgane at 03:01 on 25 May 2011


Gravatar Posted at 18:08
Wed 08 Aug 2012
by Jessica Boyd

What? You can't walk your ex-racehorse in circles in showmanship? I bet they aren't allowed to snuggle, either. Oh, well. Calabar says it looks boring anyway. And I am too old to smile that long.

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