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Caption Contest: Equine Rudeness?

Comic #272

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Author's Comment

So for this week's comic we have a Caption Contest! (I *KNOW* you all are stoked). All you have to do is leave your best caption in the comments on either Horse Nation's Facebook (the post sharing this comic) OR on The Idea of Order's Facebook where this comic is shared. Then con your friends into 'liking' it. ;) The caption with the most likes by Monday night will be declared the winner and receive a custom tail bag from JV Stone ( I have several of her tail bags and they are awesome!

*Note: I LOVE when you post comments here but in order for people to 'vote' on them and like them you should also post them on one of the FB sites as well. =D

Uploaded by morgane at 23:34 on 02 August 2016


Gravatar Posted at 22:55
Wed 24 Aug 2016
by Caeri

I don't have a horse, so I don't really have a use for the prize, but I'll leave an idea anyway. First thing that came to mind was:

After a horse realizes they spooked at nothing...

"I don't want to talk about it. Leave the bale."

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