The Idea of Order

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At this point, after numerous floods followed by freezing rain, then dumping snow, then more flooding and some freezing thrown in for good measure, I'm going crazy enough to actually believe that perhaps the insane weather is controlled by unwitting aliens. That or whatever gods that be honestly hate me. Really it could go either way I suppose. ;)

Honestly though, I saw someone on my Facebook describe the insane weather as being the result of someone shaking the snow globe and all I could picture was a Gary Larson comic. Thus my nod to Larson and his fabulous Far Side comic that helped shape the quasi-demented individual I grew up to be. =D

Uploaded by morgane at 23:11 on 07 Febuary 2017


Gravatar Posted at 17:40
Thu 01 Jun 2017
by Bloodray

Similar to many of his other poems, "The Idea of Order at Key West" is philosophically complex. Stated by critics as "perhaps impossible to interpret fully", the poem "affirms a transcendental poetic spirit yet cannot locate it".

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