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Things you'd rather not hear from your vet...

Comic #304

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I think if you've been in horses longer than a minute you've had your fair share of less than fun conversations with your vet. While logic might have you think the most upsetting things would involve horrendous maiming or death, the reality is that the unknown ambiguity is far more terrifying (and expensive).

While it's never amusing when your horse is hurt, you have to admit there's a bit of humor in the terror certain seemingly innocuous phrases can induce in us. Anyone care to share their own? ;)

Uploaded by morgane at 00:23 on 15 March 2017


Gravatar Posted at 07:10
Wed 15 Mar 2017
by Jenn

"Well I've never seen that before"
Courtesy of 1/2" blade of grass stuck in nasal lacrimal duct and 4 "flushing/exploratory" vet visits.
I call it the $800 blade of grass.

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