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I'm not against 'Natural Horsemanship' per se.... but I am baffled by how expensive it is. Does anyone else find it ironic that 'Natural Horsemanship' requires very unnatural training aids? Just a thought. I'd also like to thank the random COTH member for the quote for this week's comic. I sadly do not remember your username but if you message me I'd be happy to give you credit! :)

Uploaded by morgane at 03:01 on 22 June 2011


Gravatar Posted at 17:29
Fri 17 Jun 2016
by emma

Natural horsemanship isn't about getting to the Olympics, it's about having a relationship with your horse that goes beyond the show ring.

Gravatar Posted at 13:24
Tue 12 Jan 2016
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Gravatar Posted at 10:31
Sat 18 Apr 2015
by Emily

But yeah, you have to focus on other things to. And you can't magically round pen your horse and have him do whatever you want. It took at least a year to get to the point where my horse would follow me at different speeds around a field, and even then he would get carried away and start galloping off into the blue yonder!

Gravatar Posted at 10:27
Sat 18 Apr 2015
by Emily

Yes, but if you think about it we don't use that many unnatural stuff. We use a halter, leadrope, and sometimes a lunge whip or "carrot stick", but how is that different from what equestrains use everyday? Also, I find it helpful to do besides just riding because your horse respects you more, which is especially important if you are at a show with a nervous horse. You learnto be his "safe place" where he knows he can find direction. But some people do take it to extremes.

Love your comics though!

Gravatar Posted at 19:13
Wed 27 Nov 2013
by Briana

I see the NH fangrrls responded. I actually concur wholeheartedly with your observations, Morgane. Parelli has marketed a package of snakeoil, and quite "savvily", sold it to the right demographic. There had been a need to better start horses than the "cowboy up" school of thought, but Classical principles utilised communication and connectedness for hundreds of years before Parelli. Those riders in the Olympics who do Play games also RIDE. Great comic, very funny.

Gravatar Posted at 10:39
Tue 30 Jul 2013
by ali

This is totally untrue! Lauren Barwick is a Canadian ParaDressage rider, but she is also a 4-star Parelli Professional.

Gravatar Posted at 06:17
Sun 25 Nov 2012
by horseyhil

beautifully put Jeanne B i couldnt agree more. also just to add, a rope halter is cheap as chips, a carrot stick no more expensive than a decent schooling whip, the ropes are relatively inexpensive, and education...well in my book, thats priceless.

Posted at 12:33
Sun 23 Sep 2012
by morgane

Jeanne B,
Thanks for the comment! I ride bareback dressage and reining (on Woody) all the time and totally agree that there's a level you reach where artificial aids are unnecessary. However, I did not get there simply by doing groundwork. It takes hours in the saddle and finding a proper feel before a rider can, if ever, achieve that sort of thing. My problem with most* "Natural Horsemanship" is that it implies that sort of 'connection' without acknowledging that there's more than these games or pen work (or that sometimes a certain horse just isn't right for a certain rider and no amount of ground work will fix that). I think that's wrong; it appears to me that there's a whole group of people, usually older adult ammies with a bit of fear, who are being taken advantage of and sold the erroneous idea that if you play these '7 games' with your horse or round pen him to death you'll somehow be majikally able to ride them bareback/bridless/whatever and that is not the case. Pen work and other groundwork certainly lay a foundation, but that's it. They are not the house itself and I think many natural horsemanship trainers lead people to believe otherwise. So the essence of my comic-- which is that it takes more than "Natural Horsemanship" to be a good RIDER-- still holds true for me. While I kindly disagree with your sentiments, I do appreciate the input. :)

*Note I said most, not ALL. I am sure there are some good trainers who properly use natural horsemanship techniques and don't scam their clients. My problem is mostly with those riding on the mass marketing of natural horsemanship and using it to sell unrealistic goals to those who don't know any better (*cough, cough* Parelli and his crazy wife who thinks after a few dressage lessons she has found the "secret to connection". I call bullshit on all of that nonsense).

Gravatar Posted at 22:13
Mon 03 Sep 2012
by Jeanne B

Actually, it's everything else that uses unnatural training aids. Natural horsemanship uses very few pieces of equipment.

All the "training" is done with body language and communication, which crosses all disciplines and professions in the horse world. The tools used are only present to assist in making communication more clear to the horse while establishing the partnership.

Once the horse is in harmony with the human, the tools aren't even necessary anymore (bareback bridleless dressage/reining).

What seems to be overlooked is that there are many people who've gone to the Olympics as well as the Paralympics, the Triple Crown and other events by shaking that carrot stick. They just don't talk about it on TV yet. I would kindly suggest the cartoon's author do their research next time.

Posted at 01:18
Sat 11 Aug 2012
by morgane

I just saw your comment; thank you! :)

Gravatar Posted at 16:20
Tue 24 Jul 2012
by Linda s

The statement made is no longer true. Now natural horsemanship is the craze.
Love youre comics. You have a great sense of humor and it is all so honest.

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