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If Facebook Posts were True...

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This last weekend some friends and I attended a sports psychology seminar geared towards riders. One of the topics discussed was that to truly make it as an equestrian you need to be in love with the process (as opposed to the outcome, like winning), because that's really all you have control over. Also, having those successful moments generally means you have had a whole crapton of not so successful, less than awesome moments to get there. That's just how it works. Becoming excellent takes a whole lot of mediocrity first.

What followed from that, for my friends and I anyway, was the humor in most Facebook posts; everyone posts their highlight reel. While that's understandable, it can make the outtake reel that you're living (i.e. your real life) feel somehow less than awesome. The above comic was the result of imagining what it would be like if we all posted some of those outtakes as well. ;)

Uploaded by morgane at 02:24 on 09 August 2017


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