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Good Idea vs. Bad Idea

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So I was driving to the barn with my (only) friend, Victoria, and we passed what appeared to be a loose horse in a "yard" a few feet from the road. Obviously we stopped to possibly catch it and inform its owners, however, upon closer inspection we realized that this was not some escapee as we initially thought, but rather an intentionally placed potential road hazard. Baffled by the stupidity of this, we decided to go on about our business as what could we possibly say to the owners (plus we weren't sure where the hell the door was to the trailer/house). I'm not sure what their line of thinking was but I speculate it went something like this:

"Hey, oh boy do I have a *great* idear! I'll hook old Red to some of that shit in my front yard and he can graze; 'taint no way he can escape if I use my heavy duty boat rope. I'll be sure to tie him just long enough he can't wander too far into the street and be hit by a semi or anything. This way I don't have to weedeat around all the garbage I've hoarded and Red can have something to eat since horses clearly thrive on weeds and refuse! Yes sir, this is the best idear I've had yet!"

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This happens a LOT in our neck of the woods. Amazing how people can think that horses can live off two year old hay and a salt lick!

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