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Despite telling myself I wasn't going to clip Flirt -- in order to save myself the potential death and dismemberment that may ensue once the temperature drops significantly and he gets a cool breeze under his tail -- I just couldn't take his fuzziness. As a sort of compromise I decided to try a trace clip; in theory he'd be less fuzzy but he also wouldn't get as much of a chill. (As an added bonus I also wouldn't have to clip as much.) Having never done a trace clip and only really having a vague idea what one looked like, I decided to Google it for a picture. This resulted in a plethora of 'trace clip' pictures but no discernible pattern that might hint at which photo actually showed a correct clip. At this point I figured it probably didn't matter, said screw it, and made up my own.

While it went well enough, I did fail to consider the amount of thought involved in getting the damn thing even. The final results are somewhat sketchy but he has finally stopped hiding in shame from the other horses so overall I count it as a success.

Uploaded by morgane at 03:01 on 28 September 2011


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