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Girlfriend Time

Comic #45

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Author's Comment

For those of you not math-minded, Louis is making fun of my less than punctual tendencies, especially when it comes to my time management at the barn. I'm not offended though. I find "girlfriend time" to be incredibly user friendly (well, at least on *my* end of it). It does seem to annoy Louis though when dinner takes place closer to 9:30pm rather than my stated 6:30. Ah well. Such is life with horses.

Uploaded by morgane at 03:01 on 05 October 2011


Gravatar Posted at 00:56
Thu 07 Jun 2012
by Adrienne

So True!!!! I call it the "Barn Time Vortex". Very Funny!

Posted at 19:14
Fri 30 Mar 2012
by morgane

LMAO True, Amber! There is nothing wrong with it! I actually think the world would be better off if it ran on 'Morgane Time.'

Gravatar Posted at 22:04
Thu 29 Mar 2012
by Amer Hall

I love this. This is exactly what happens, and there is nothing wring with it.

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