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Healthy as a Horse?

Comic #46

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Actually, I think horses must be the most easily maimed, most accident prone creatures on the planet. However knowing that never makes it any easier when one of them manages to go seemingly suicidal. This time it was BB, my friend Victoria's horse. She somehow managed to burn out while running like a bat out of Hell around a corner. The end result was that she slide under, and essentially through, the fencing getting tangled in some barbed wire. Most of her cuts were superficial but one on her front leg has resulted in a pretty nasty infection in the joint. She's already been operated on to remove some of the infected bone but she remains at the Lamesa Animal hospital in Texas right now to continue monitoring it and administering heavy duty antibiotics (she's actually been there for over a week now). I know most of us who have horses have probably experienced similar equine catastrophes, so I would just like to ask those of you bored enough to follow this comic to perhaps keep BB and Victoria in your thoughts over the next few weeks. Hopefully there will be some improvement this week.

Uploaded by morgane at 03:01 on 12 October 2011


Posted at 11:28
Sun 23 Sep 2012
by morgane

I am so sorry to hear that! It's always a rough decision to have to make. I hope things are starting to look up for your friend.

Gravatar Posted at 18:13
Sun 02 Sep 2012
by Tori

This comic and story touched my heart today.
Last night we had to very sadly put down my best friend/jumper/mare.
Not suicidal, but injured, and agreed, the decision can be seriously unwelcome at times.

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