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Adios Air Force

Comic #49

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Author's Comment

This unprovoked Guest Comic is essentially Louis' way of noting our farewell to the Air Force.

Last Friday Louis was officially medically retired from duty due to the uveitis that cropped up in Feb '09. It's been a relatively ridiculous road thus farincluding a slew of things such as a vitrectomy (eye surgery), chemotherapy, AF MED boards, and many flights to doctors from Denver to Boston but I am confident that things will now start heading in a more positive direction. If things go to plan we will be leaving Clovis, NM with the ponies in Jan and head to Reno, NV for a bit (which, aside from the fact that it has that horrid white sludge relatively few Floridians have even seen, let alone dealt with, seems to be a much nicer place to be, especially for dressage riders). In the time between we will be visiting relatives for the holidays (his parents in Reno and mine in Florida!) and may even take a few weeks in Europe somewhere before getting back to the real world and figuring out where our careers will be going.

Thanks to all our friends and family for their support through all of this we love you guys!

Uploaded by morgane at 03:01 on 02 November 2011


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