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Time for some honest self assessment...

Comic #61

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If you start off the cross country phase trying to puke your Gatorade in such a manner as to not hit and spook your horse, all the while asking yourself what was so wrong with just doing plain old dressage, you might need to reassess some things. A moment similar to the above scenario may just have been when I realized that hurtling myself over fixed obstacles was not really my forte. Good thing I realized how wimpy I was early on as it has given me plenty of time to throw my money and effort into an arguably even more expensive and somewhat masochistic discipline: hello Dressage.

Uploaded by morgane at 03:01 on 18 April 2012


Gravatar Posted at 02:04
Thu 19 Apr 2012
by My Virtual Eventing Coach

This is awesome! Please feel free to say no if you like, but I was wondering if you would mind if I used this great cartoon as a header for an article that I am writing on rider nerves?

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