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A Modest Proposal indeed...

Comic #63

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Author's Comment

This comic was inspired by the fact that I will be going to my little sister Taylor's wedding this weekend (Congratulations little sis! I love you.:) ). While her soon to be husband didn't propose in quite this way, I couldn't help but think this would be the perfect approach for all those guys out there with horse obsessed girlfriends. I mean honestly guys, she's probably more than likely to lose any sort of jewelry somewhere in the hay room or arena footing anyway. You might as well spend the big bucks on something she'll enjoy (of course I highly suggest you work with her trainer to find the perfect horse rather than consulting craigslist or some equally sketchy dreamhorse ad, otherwise this could really backfire on you).

Uploaded by morgane at 01:07 on 02 May 2012


Gravatar Posted at 10:59
Fri 28 Sep 2012
by Sunnie Luna

I have seen this comic a lot on FaceBook. Sixteen Hands uploaded it one time. It does still have your signature at the bottom. I just wanted to be sure you were ok with that

Gravatar Posted at 01:04
Tue 25 Sep 2012
by Pat

Actually, that is how I proposed to my wife. Always said I wanted to find a woman that would prefer an engagement horse over an engagement ring. (She did get the ring too!)

Posted at 14:58
Tue 08 May 2012
by Marta

I agree. great idea! something other than plain wedding ring.. :) add a small wooden house and stables.. and will be perfect! uhh.. the dream is beautiful :p

Gravatar Posted at 08:49
Wed 02 May 2012
by CKurth

Of course, in real life the girl would go into ecstasy over the horse, and hours later would ask..."honey, did you say something?"

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