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The Joys of Horse Keeping...

Comic #68

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Perhaps I am alone in this, but my horses prefer to play with only the most expensive of items, eschewing all manner of horse appropriate toys in favor of things like blankets, full water troughs, and anything enticing within reach of their stalls. I've yet to see either touch the Jolly Ball or the little apple one with the treat. Jerks.

Uploaded by morgane at 02:43 on 06 June 2012


Gravatar Posted at 20:51
Wed 10 Dec 2014
by christy gehardt

thinking my mule might enjoy an inflatable bouncy jolly ball, i shelled out the big bucks. he was terrified of the thing. during the next big windstorm, i think he helped it escape under the pasture fence...never to be seen again.

Gravatar Posted at 11:33
Fri 31 Aug 2012
by Sloane

Nope, you're definitely not alone! We got jolly balls and that hanging apple treat with the ball too...but alas they prefer halters, lead ropes, blankets, buckets, and fences. >:/ ugh.

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