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The Boyfriend Experiences a Dressage Show

Comic #70

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Author's Comment

The boyfriend recently came to see me ride in a dressage show...I think he had a good time. Of course, I don't remember seeing much of him after we parted ways at the truck.

Uploaded by morgane at 01:58 on 20 June 2012


Gravatar Posted at 10:52
Wed 10 Jul 2013
by mrz80

The above works for dads too, though Horse Crazy Daughter Person will assert that I spent far too much time pointing cameras at her. :)

Posted at 11:21
Sun 23 Sep 2012
by morgane

Thank you; you're way too nice! :)

Gravatar Posted at 11:22
Fri 31 Aug 2012
by Sloane

I absolutely LOVE you! I want to print out all your comics and put them on my walls lol, they're so funny and true!

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