The Idea of Order

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Another stroke of genius...

Comic #73

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Author's Comment

If only my horse thought this was as swell an idea as I do. Perhaps a giant hamster ball would suit him better.

Uploaded by morgane at 01:48 on 11 July 2012


Gravatar Posted at 11:10
Fri 28 Sep 2012
by Sunnie

and then said warmblood pops a bubble, freaks out, and blows straight through the roof. Horse is ok. Now you gotta replace the roof

Posted at 22:51
Wed 11 Jul 2012
by morgane

Yes! That would complete the ensemble.

Gravatar Posted at 10:03
Wed 11 Jul 2012
by Christy

Seriously- A brilliant idea! Don't forget to put on the mathing bubble wrap fly mask (-:

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