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Ask Icee...

Comic #81

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Author's Comment

More sound advice from Ms. Sunshine-and-Light herself, Icee.

Uploaded by morgane at 04:15 on 05 September 2012


Posted at 17:45
Wed 11 Sep 2013
by Molly

Very funny, but unfortunately one of the camp horses decided to try that exact strategy out on me and it was not pleasant :)

Gravatar Posted at 16:20
Fri 15 Feb 2013
by LovesHorsesCantRide

I cannot stop laughing!

Gravatar Posted at 11:30
Fri 28 Sep 2012
by Sunnie

Worked on me. I asked my QH (very well-trained in trail) to step over a log in the pasture. As we trotted up to it, nice and slow, calm and collected, my 16.3 hand monster threw himself five feet in the air to go over a 6 inch log. We changed disciplines. Now he has to work his butt off chasing cows.

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