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And yet another reason winter is nothing but a pain in the...

Comic #98

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Author's Comment

Yet another wonderful side effect of snow.

Uploaded by morgane at 04:13 on 09 January 2013


Gravatar Posted at 09:30
Wed 09 Jan 2013
by Danielle

Luckily the barn I board at has a very large indoor, but it is amazing how fast it can seem tiny when I need to lunge my horse before hopping on and I am trying to stay off the wall and as contentious to other riders as possible! The fact that they are all hot and some cannot handle the sheer terror that is snow falling off the roof doesn't help the situation much either lol!

Gravatar Posted at 06:25
Wed 09 Jan 2013
by Miranda

Bahaha Living in MT for 4 years, it usually didn't take too long to realize just how small BOTH arenas were! Especially the one attached to the main barn since it was happened to be the smallest as well. -.-

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