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Is it Spring yet?...

Comic #99

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Author's Comment

"Oh, move North," they said. "You'll looove the seasons," they said. "Winter is so beautiful and sparkly," they said. Hmpf. I call shenanigans on this winter BS. The next person who tells me to think positively when it's -9 degrees outside is getting a face full of snow.

Uploaded by morgane at 02:21 on 16 January 2013


Gravatar Posted at 13:07
Wed 23 Jan 2013
by M Ann

haha - agree with both of you! ;)

Gravatar Posted at 19:09
Wed 16 Jan 2013
by BestPolicy

Hahahaha, but it IS pretty! I'm not a fan of summer though, too hot for me. I don't like frigid weather either though, but I can always add a layer, which puts winter ahead of summer, but still far behind spring and fall!

Gravatar Posted at 14:38
Wed 16 Jan 2013
by Jane Ellen

Oh, on the other hand, just wait 'till menopause and all the beloved, cuddly LL Bean/Lands End Nordic sweaters and flannel pants, fuzzy nightgowns and socks get tropically HOT! At my life stage(which is lasting longer than my cold years), I would practcally offer my first born to have thinner blood so I do not roast year round!

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